APROMA was created in late 2012 by a few Property Management professionals who had the idea to gather representatives from the 15 companies that founded the association.

In 2013, the founders met a dozen times in plenary sessions and specific working groups to define the common intention and established the by-laws and rules of the Association.

The commitment and motivation of the participants enabled them to form a common goal and move forward with it.

On January 16, 2014, the constitutive assembly of APROMA took place, approving its by-laws and intentions.

APROMA is recorded at the Prefecture of Hauts de Seine under SIRET # W923004


APROMA is the Association of Property Managers, a French Association under the 1901 law, founded January 16, 2014 by the major companies that comprise the property management sector in France.

The purpose of APROMA is (for the benefit of its members and as part of their activities governed by Act No. 70-9 of January 2, 1970 called Hoguet Act) to:

  • Develop, promote and contribute to the recognition of the Property Management business nationally and internationally to all owners, occupants, service providers and all operators and players in the real estate industry
  • Participate in the development of skills, vocational training courses and higher education (initial and ongoing) of Property Management
  • Encourage ethical behaviors and share best business practices
  • Represent the profession to administrative authorities and other professional organizations
  • Increase awareness, enhance the image of the profession and communicate

APROMA has 19 members including 15 founding companies and an honorary member.
Today APROMA represents a turnover of more than € 200 million and 2,000 employees that manage approximately 70 million square feet of office real estate, retail, logistics and business premises for French and International investment professionals.



Board of directors

Jean-Claude Tanguy

Jean-Claude Tanguy

President of the association

Paul-André Pelloux

Paul-André PELLOUX


Isabelle Paysan

Isabelle PAYSAN


Bertrand Coté

Bertrand COTé

Trésorier Adjoint

Patrice Cailly

Patrice Cailly


Nathalie Finet

Nathalie FINEt

Alternate Secretary Assistant